Linda and I were married in 1992 and have been together since 1989.  While we had no children together, we have shared our families.  The upper left shows my side of the family, the center is Linda's extended family and the upper right is my daughter's extended family.

The picture to the right is Linda and I and was taken while at her high school reunion in Pennsylvania in October 2009.  While Linda doesn't share my enthusiasm for sailing, diving or Ham Radio, she does like to snorkel and really enjoys spending time in the warm waters of Hawaii following the fish and the turtles.

While I'm sailing or diving, Linda usually entertains herself with one of her many hobbies which include wood carving, working with clay, needlework, crocheting and many other crafts that allow her to use her hands and be creative.

Retired after 27 years in retail management, Linda suffers from Multiple Sclerosis so it's only on her good days that she gets to work with her crafts
Richard  * 10/13/1972 to 01/28/1991 *

My son Richard was a great kid and spent most of his years living with me in Southern California while his mother lived in Northern California.  He had graduated High School and was attending college in Northern California.  While a passenger in a friend's car, there was an accident and Richard lost his life at age 19.  His death created a gaping hole in my heart and that empty spot is still there today.

The picture to the left was taken at Disneyland of him, his half sister Jennifer (left front) and cousin Dawn (right front).

The picture to the right is from his playing football at Redlands High School, the same school I attended.
Jennifer is my daughter (left in the picture to the right) from a second marriage. She now lives in the Dallas area of Texas and is a web page developer.  The picture below is of her, her husband John, their daughter Cassidy and son Josh.  Cassidy is a very special girl and has to daily do battle with the evils of Cystic Fibrosis.
Caren is Linda's biological daughter who was put up for adoption and found Linda when she was 21.  Caren has been a major part of Linda's life ever since.  She picked up many of Linda's traits including going into the advertising field and is a great Art Director in New York City.  The one other trait that she unfortunately inherited from Linda was Multiple Sclerosis..  Fortunately, she is able to stay active and fight it with a vengeance.
Daughter, Mother, and Grand Mother
While Ron is not technically family, Ron and I spent six years together in the Big Brother program and have been best friends ever since and are in many respects closer than family.  After graduating from high school, Ron enlisted in the Navy and became a Nuclear Engineering Electronics Tech and served 4 years on the fast attack sub, USS San Juan.  He is now teaching at the sub school outside Charleston, SC.  He recently married his girlfriend Kristin and they just had a baby girl they named Maya.

As of February 14, 2010, we have an new addition to the family.  Linda decided that she was ready to have a dog again, it having been almost seven years since Obie passed on.  We went to the Riverside Humane Society and rescued a five and a half year old German Short Haired Pointer named Bo.  He came from an abused background and they had to do a lot of work with him before he could be placed in a new setting and it had to be the right setting.  Turns out that would be with us.  Bo is still getting used to us, but he has already captured our hearts.  And, he makes Linda take him for walks so she is getting a lot more exercise.  He gets excited each day when I get home from work and has pretty much taken over the house.
Cassidy and Josh above and Cassidy's view of Grandpa on his sailboat.